Reinventing Home

My name is Brent Borchardt and food has been a through line connecting my past growing up on an Iowa farm that was early in the organic movement to my present.

This blog is about recipes – yes – but also about personal connection and narrative.

I think most people have a moment in their past that represents a notion of Home they wish they could reconnect to. Cooking is a creative act that is always connecting to a past and redefining our present notions of Home.

  • Lutheran Jello #2: Cranberry Cream Salad
    The mystery of what to do with a can of jellied cranberry sauce has been solved.
  • Rhubarb Sorbet
    Sorbet is a light and refreshing way to enjoy the fruits of summer and rhubarb is an ideal base because of the high fiber content.
  • King Arthur Flour Sour Cream Scones
    This recipe appears in the King Arthur Flour 200th Anniversary Cookbook, yet it does not appear in the recipe section of their website.

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